About us

In Alice Gift Shops we have one of the largest online collections in the country, ranging from home furnishings, personal care, gifts for every occasion, and more. 

We offer a wide selection of high quality decor for home, kitchen accessories, decoration for your garden and patio with beautiful furniture and accessories, bathroom decor, collectibles and more.


Alice Gift Shops began in 2010 with a few hundred products. Over the years since then we have grown to thousands of items.

Our commitment to you

In Alice Gift Shops, we are committed to bring the latest in home decor, collectibles and all the news. 

We search the world's most exclusive product. 

We also remain at the forefront of new trends to continually expand our product offering for you. 

We think you'll like what you see.


The procedure Alice Gift Shop quality control is one of the most  strict in the industry. 

For each incoming shipment being billed, we observe if they have excessive defects or a problem in a particular product, the entire shipment is inspected individually and if we find the product imperfect we   remove it. 

Items are inspected randomly back on line order fulfillment.
For  the complete satisfaction of our customers.


We  offer a wide range of home decor and kitchen accessories, decoration for garden, yard games, decoration for bathing and personal care collectibles, and more. 

Within each category, you will find numerous options for you to choose from a wide range of products. In this way, it becomes easier to find something for everyone, including you.

Affordable and Fun

We  are committed to making decorating your home with style, you can easily buy presents, in an accessible and fun way. 

The online orders can perform seven days a week, 24 hours safely. 

Often, we also offer product discounts and free shipping. Only one way to help our customers save  money. 

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So if you shop on our website or our catalog, you can be sure you will always find high quality products at the best prices.

 Enjoy shopping for friends, family, something for you, also you can make the purchase for Christmas.